FearTWD: As Told by a Fan


With Fear the Walking Dead having come to an end in its first season, I felt the need to discuss a few points in creating a spin-off show of The Walking Dead.

  1. Stop comparing Fear with TWD. Even though they are in the same universe, the writers already warned us they were not going to be made the same (that would be pretty redundant). AND, there are many reason why they shouldn’t be made the same–one very important reason is that they are beginning at different points of the walker infestation.

  2. Do not confuse the word(or feeling of) boring for suspenseful. What is so great about the concept of Fear, especially in season 1, is that we already know it’s not going to get better, and there is no stopping or running away from the inevitable world outrun by walkers(the infected). The writers used this to their advantaged, like in a scary movie where you see the main character dead in the beginning, the thrill isn’t in wondering if the main character will survive but in trying to figure out how they didn’t survive(and even rooting and hoping they do when you know it is a lost cause).

  3. The outbreak barely started, there isn’t going to be huge badass Daryl Dixon moves. You guys need to think how incredibly slim the chances are that you will be able to see your loved, or those close to you, get turned into walkers and not feel that maybe there is a way to cure them, maybe they can still be reached. They aren’t adjusted to this new circumstance, so don’t you dare critique Travis for not being able to shoot the walker in the store(? I can’t remember where right now). SO, I actually like the fact that both FEAR and TWD have a more real view on the choices and personality presented with the characters and not just added a hero adaptable to all that is going on.

  4. We are finally seeing the beginning of the outbreak. Need I give more on this point? 😀 (I will though for blog purposes). We were all left wondering how it got so bad in the beginning of TWD and to be able to experience how it all went down so fast in incredible. Obviously we didn’t exactly see what happened in Atlanta but we can assume that it was pretty similar to the outcomes in LA(which is more than we knew before).

  5. FEAR (and TWD) is written to be a lot more than a gore, action, zombie filled show. Along with all these great things, FEAR


I think the writers of Fear have been doing a really good job in keeping us on our toes, so forget the haters and just enjoy a good story and a good show.

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